Day 634 – Ponce City Market 

 Happy Easter!!! Evidently I have been posting on another website domain I have. Ooops.  Really have to figure out how to delete  that one. Very annoying to have to redo and the WordPress ap defaults to it. Why I have not got a clue. Sigh. 
    Love the architecture of the outdoor eating area at Ponce City Market.



And the architecture inside is pretty awesome too. Love the old pillars of the Sears building exposed and the way the red paint on the beams and the columns punctuating the space. 

And that each eatery is funky and a visual treat. Great food doesn’t hurt either. 
Thanks for reading.  
Margaret xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 634 – Ponce City Market 

  1. Dana says:

    Happy Easter Margaret. I know you sometimes post your watercolors and sometimes your photos fancied up with the Waterlogue App. Would you be able to tell us when it’s Waterlogue? My eyes aren’t the best and I’d love to know. Thanks!


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