Day 635 Ponce City Part two or three?!

Szechuan Restaurant and Bar
I had a perfect seat to have another go at this dragon. I think I did a better job at the perspective this time. 

While there is a lot I like about this the perspective on that bar is wild and I still think the people look like the walking dead. 

    A nervy young couple say not two feet from me between the restaurant and me blocking my view. First time that has ever happened. 

I kept craning my head to look around them as I drew. They never noticed nor did they notice when I took this picture of them. 
I really should turn them into a large painting similar to the one I am working on now. 

Waiting at Waffle House which no loner looks like this. Who could resist those crosses arms and those faces?! 

  Ponce City Market looking toward the Beltline stairs. No walking dead in this sketch. 

Taped down and reading to watercolor. 


The Cuban restaurant LL Superpan. 

All three Ponce City Restaurants are drawn with the very fine tip pilot pen with Carbon Platinum Black ink on Strathmore 500 watercolor paper which is lovely paper. I can’t wait to use it. Takes the color so well. 

A tea towel from French Silver Shop. Sooner or later I will buy some. I just can’t pick which one. 



We were “hangry” from all the oohing and ahing, the walking, the two hour drive, the packing, the loading of the car. Which restaurant would we choose?? There were so many. 

  Marakeesh Mediterranean Market North Africa East of Atlanta 

  We decided that though the hamburgers smelled oh so delicious wafting thru the air we were not doing burgers. So many restaurants how did we choose?! 


We got food from Marakeesh Market because there was a small line and well it was just exotic to eat Moroccan food. 

  1. The potato stuffed burekas,tahini, Israeli pickles and Israeli salad which looks just like feggous – a Morrocan tomato and cucumber salad except for added radish sticks were all just simply delicious. I can’t decide which item I liked best. Best pickles ever.  Perfect iced tea. 

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx

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