Day ? PCM

  Aka Ponce City Market which no doubt u have noticed I am in love with. 

   Today I meant to paint the PCM sketches watercolored but spent it cleaning the house, the garage, and hauling a mattress up  three stories after stuffing it in a Prius creating a new guest bedroom. Let me know if you want to rent it. It does have a river view. Still have to hang the pictures but doesn’t it look cozy?! And yes I made those quilts. 

This originally posted on that other domain I have so reposting it.   
Love the dragon but thinking of cropping the walking dead out of this. Odd that people look like the walking dead when staring at phones or iPad terminals. 

Dragon is Quin gold and pyrrole red.  
Ponce City Market has an amazing food court similar to the mall but all upscale restaurants that are so good they were recently on CBS Morning News.  
Ponce City Market was an old Sears building that has been repurposes as a shopping mall with condos on the upper floors. All Atlantans remember it as the Sears across from the old Atlanta Crackers field where Ty Cobb played. 


I drew it again yesterday but yet to paint it. I think this is a better sketch. 
Thanks for reading.  
Margaret xxx

2 thoughts on “Day ? PCM

  1. stanley Trent Bemis (@stanleyTrentBem) says:

    rm looks cozy,n i’m sure you’ll have takers .good luck.i’m personally more interested in the art.n want to tell you that your people do not look dead,they are faceless but your one person behind the counter has eyes.this makes for an interesting effect.your latest,the drawing is better,to my mind,but that is because of the angel n the way the seated person is more inclined towards the person behind the counter,so it seems more are good with water colors n i think it will be a good piece that you will be proud of .thanx for sharing.


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