Day 369 – the Long Road

216 more miles to Key West. Posting from the Florida Turnpike S. 

  Boone 300# cold press Half Sheet 15x 22″ Another one done earlier this year.  Always fun painting mustaches. 

A great summer time recipe!! Love tomato pie. 

Only 115 days till we leave!! Meant to do one of these in the car today for Key West BUT everything is buried in the heap in the back end so maybe when I get to Key West?! 

Thanks for reading 

Margaret ️xxx 

Day 368 Oops 

I almost forgot to post. From the middle of I 75.  Big day off to Key West via Decatur and my grandsons third birthday. 

So more of my favorite art for the year 

Inscrutable – 1/2 sheet Fabriano 300# for Sale in box me at mcmhunt @ me. Com if you are interested. 

An old Chinese man from Shanghai. Based on one of my dads photos from pre World War 2 China.  


Ilena 12x 18 Fabriano Artistico 140# my favorite watercolor done during life modeling sessions at USCAiken. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx