Day 364 – Another girl

Since I already did this post once on the WordPress ap I am hoping it does not post twice or disappear like the last one which  disappeared when I tried to schedule it.  I guess because I am getting a little crazy…tomorrow will make 365 days of continuous daily blogging AKA ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! My grandsons third birthday is Saturday – I am in charge of making the cake AND we are leaving for Key West right after the party…HELP HELP!! And making arrangements for pet sitting….oh MY!

After wiping out the girl yesterday I decided to just start a new one.  I think I have about 25 sheets of 300# cold press paper so WHY not use them…thats not counting at least two blocks of arches and one Richeson block or is it Stephen Quiller?? Time to use the paper up!!

So I started another girl.  She is done on Fabriano 300# cold press and painted with Isabey mops, #2,#8 and brushes, #4-#8…and one #12 Cheap Joes Legends…LOVE all those brushes..start collecting yours NOW!!


Here’s the sketch.  Next time I am changing to a darker pencil EVEN if it smears.  I didnt notice the chin was a touch too long because the pencil is too light.  That is UNTIL I painted it…had to do a little plastic surgery….oops..


The first wash…its one of my best I think …Skin done with Quin Coral and Winsor Yellow which are both transparent.Burnt Sienna and Cerulean for most of the shadows.   Hair is any reddish paint I had and a few golds and yellows like Quin gold, quin sienna, burnt Sienna and a little purple a little burnt umber and even orange.


I did surgery on her chin…it was just too long…I used a straight edge brush and clean water and a kleenex to wipe it and lift it…its easy to do on Fabriano which is amazingly forgiving….

  Well if it won’t upload on my laptop u can always add it after it’s posted on the ap.  Thank goodness it’s done. Between the slow computer the crashing so and my neighbor jack hammering his swimming pool deck I have gotten quite the headache. Sigh. 

Then I decided I hated her hair and used a mr clean wedge to just wipe it out….all gone.  I actually like it better now….who knew but you cant see it because WPress will NOT upload the image…sigh…only one day to go only one day to go ONLY ONE DAY TO GO…Imagine theres a picture here!!

Next to soften some of the hair around her face…wet and blot!! Sigh….


Helmet hair is NOTTT a good look is it!?

And now her chin looks a little dirty…opps…an easy fix…what i love about watercolor…it will drive you nuts!! :>

I seem to go straight to the dark side with watercolor…I need to stop.  I am trying to stop…i wonder if there’s a meeting for that.

Thanks for reading!!!