Day 371

a year and 6 days of consecutive daily blogging. Not easy when u r on vacation!!  

  My sis in law while we waited for the concierge so we could book some tours. Right now we are going on the ghost your Tonite and the food tour Thursday.   

Lettering done with my Noodler Creaper Ahab and Carbon Black Ink in my moleskine Wc sketchbook. 

Colors either Holbein or Daniel Smith. Ultramarine blue and burnt umber in the chair with yellow for the couchins. Cerulean and burnt sienna for the magazine, shorts, light, the table and  the background all done wet on wet. The light is burnt umber, Quin gold, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue. 

The blouse is cerulean and Winsor yellow which is a transparent yellow. 

Skin Quin coral and yellow ochre. This usually makes a really pretty skin tone but NOT on this darned paper. 

Ok next up. Rant about that moleskine I am trying to finish. So skip it if you don’t want to hear me froth. 

Wishing I had brought another sketchbook.  Really LOATHING the moleskine Wc sketchbook. It acts like Hotpress paper. Very annoying. Colors act oddly on it. Thinking of ordering an S&b zeta or a strathmore ASAP from amazon. 

There is a Ben Franklins here BUT no hard bound sketchbooks. Great clerk there. We chatted for a while about art  quilts and sketching. 

 Don’t ask me how many new clean sketchbooks I have at home. At least four! Groan. Oh well. They keep.

    I don’t know what it is about this paper but I DO NOT LIKE IT. NO more moleskines for me.  At least til they start making them here again and improve the paper. I used to love them. Makes me sad when a product changes so radically. Greed will get you!! 

Last nites sunset. First one is in the moleskine. The colors just don’t look so bright and clear as in  the next one which 

  Is on a lovely piece of Strathmore 500 watercolor paper. GREAT stuff. Love it!!! All the usual colors with the addition of cheap joes Andrews blue, Holbein mineral Violet, and DS Orange which is transparent. Oh and any red I thought would work. Can u see how this one flies compared to the one done in the moleskine?!  

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret xxx who needs a nap before the ghost tour.