Day 363 a Change of Plan

the only things I seem to do consistently is make art and post on my blog. 

While watching Bloodlines last nite I realized I could improve this by lifting some of the too orange orange and widening the area to the right of her eye. So I got up this morning and started scrubbing off color. You can lift off kilimanjaro but the paper gets roughed up. Wish I  had painted her on fabriano the paper that takes a scrubbing and keeps on going. It’s super. Oh well.   
The krinkley bit to the right of her eye is caused by the roughed up kilimanjaro. 

  Here’s the  eye before I widened it by scrubbing. 

 I also darkened her background so her hair would not look so pasted on. Probably should have scrubbed it out too. 


. Before surgery. 

This is the one I was going to post today but instead an FYI!!! Cg. I scrubbed this one off with a mr clean type scrubber that I got at cheap joes. A pack is $2. It scrubbed the paper back to just about white. And since this is fabriano it’s still south as can be. I actually did paint the flesh color back before I took this pic.  It was much whiter.  

This is what she looked like before I scrubbed her off. I like her below the waist but NOT above. All that dark color on her cheek is G O N E!! Amazing. 
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 

Day 362 details details. 

Did a great hand today. But darn what happened to her eyes?! 


  I decided on a do over. There’s a lot I like about this painting but darn the right eye. I did try to fix  tomorrow or add it to my bin pile. Lol. Or the compost heap. 

A Tip! I sometimes turn paintings into a gray scale photo to check the darks.  I also do this when I paint from photographs. 

Tomorrow I will post version two after I tinker with her some more. 

Thanks for reading 

Margaret xxx