Day 373 – Carolines and the Key West Ghost Hunt tourĀ 

 The best shrimp Bamboozled salad. Super wait staff. We were in a hurry to go on the Key West Ghost Hunting tour  and they did everything they could to accommodate us and get us out the door on time. 

The view from our table. It was contour sketched in ink in a hurry because we had less than an hour to eat and get to our tour. 

Then we were off to the Key West Ghost Tours.

Our starting point at Kelly’s.  

Jan ready for the tour. 

  This is our guide Michael in front of the Cosgrove House. Michael did a super job guiding us on our ghost hunt. 
One of the tour members holding an L-rod which supposedly finds ghosts. 

These houses are on Eaton Street where the nanny hung herself after accidently poisoning the two children in her charge. They both died. The sparkly lights are supposedly orbs or spirits. 

 There are more orbs in this photo but the wierd eat thing is the fish shaped blotch to the left of the door on the left house. It was not there when I went back the next day to look but it was in both photos that I took simultaneously of the houses.  

 The orbs also moved around though the photos were taken one after the other.  And the black blotch is in both photos. No idea why. Believe what you want. 

The episcopal church supposedly haunted by Captain Fleming who donated the land to the church.   

Another orb in front of the cemetery. 

In the old Scottish Mason meeting room on Eaton which is supposed to be the most haunted street in Key West. I thought this was a huge orb till I realized that it was Michaels flashlight lol. 

It was a lot of fun and a great price point $20 with the code on their webpage. We both recommend it highly!!