Day 360 – Island Dreaming 2

I repainted it. This one is larger than the first one. 12×18 

I am much happier with this painting than the last. If I could change anything it would to have used a light hand on the porch across the house. I would have liked to have done it more like the next picture.  Maybe one more go round?! Probably not.  

This was mostly painted with my Isabey mops. Next time I am putting up all my paint brushes but the mops so the small ones don’t call me.  You paint a lot looser with the mops.  Try them. You will love them. 

Really like this glow.  I should have taken a break and thought a while before I painted the bottom half of the painting.  

Colors used : cad orange and Aureolin yellow, cerulean, mineral Violet, cobalt,  every green I have, Inathridone, burnt umber and vermilion to make the grey on the Palm trunks.  Some Quin red.  

Here’s version 1 of Island Dreaming. I actually do like it just wish I had not gotten the tower as dark as it is. Which one do u like best?? 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx