Day 366 a Retrospective

Onward toward year two!! 

Since I am going to be traveling the next few days I am going to be posting a few retrospective paintings. Some of my favorites over the last year. 

Tea time. All southerners love to drink tea. I love the way the colors mingle and flow on her. Also her hair. She’s for sale $350!

  This is a detail of the skirt. 

Lily Tomlin from Grace and Frankie series. Drawn off tv.

  Some old board books that I am taking with me to draw in at key west. I bought them for .50 at goodwill and painted them with a credit card a few years ago. They have languished since I didn’t know what would write on them. All my pens bubbled off. Gel pens died on them.   But today my friend Staci Swider said to try some acrylic markers. Stopped by Michaels. And yes indeedy they work. 

Get ready Key West here I come!!!

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx