Day 358 Those Palm treesĀ 

  been trying to paint Palm trees again  not sure how successfully.  I tend to get heavy handed with them or get too heavy with the darks. Then I have to lift some of the darks. No wait ALOT of the darks. Thank goodness this is on Fabriano. 


I under painted a lot of the trees and the building with light yellow. The green is Daniel smith green apatite. The purple is mineral Violet. 
My favorite detail because I like the way the colors blended and a lot of lights. Cobalt mineral Violet and cad orange blended for the darks. 

Colors used. Lots of mineral Violet and cad orange a fun combo when painted wet on wet. There’s a lot of orange made with Quin gold and Quin red too. It’s not opaque like the cad orange is. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx