Day 361 – sometimes u should stop

when you are ahead.   But first
Happy Fourth of July!  From Brian Andres Obviously he’s had some experiences. 

 Things were going well after the first forty minute session. But THEN

I started adding more purple and Orange. Maybe because I still had an hour and a half to paint and didn’t bring any extra paper.  Oops. 

Should have stopped at this point.  Oops. 


And now she’s too orange and too purple.  I have plans to further mess her up but will wait till tomorrow to proceed with the painting torture.   
More tomorrow or maybe I will throw her in the bin?! Stay tuned. Will Erica survive her torture or not?! 

 Update!  I decided to torture her some more. 

 Lightened the purple around her left eye.  Need to work inner nose some more. I also lightened the oranges on her left arm and her hand. She has fingers again. Thanks for reading. 

MArgaret with only four more days till I have posted everyday for a year!!  ️Xxx