Day 382 – Higgs Beach

  Higgs Beach original watercolor 

$150 plus  shipping 

app 8x 40 inches long. Stonehenge paper 

I like to sketch people as they walk by and draw fast impressions ok long accordion folded paper. I found the perfect place to do it yesterday-Higgs Beach. You can sit in your car in the cool as people stroll by or stand around at the beach. 

  I generally start with the shoulders and head.  I try to vary the people. As in not all guys. There were alot of men on this beach so when an occasional child strolled by I drew them or short people. Or add bikers and dogs. Chickens too wild work. But it was too hot for chickens or dogs. 

  A lot of the people are painted with straight burnt sienna or Quin gold. Others are heavy on the red with yellow ochre for a sun burnt look. 

  Finally decent palms. Started with a yellow green and dabs of red. The leaves  were  painted mostly yellow green with streaks of red.   Then dabs of green apatite. After they dried I added Inathradone blue in slashes. 

Generally I keep the background to a minimum but I thought I would try to give it a beachy Key West feel by adding the palms the blue blue water and the volleyball net. 

The water is cheap Joes Andrews blue aka turquoise and marine blue. 

Pen is my Noodler Creaper loaded with Carbon Black. Generally I like to use a brush pen on these but when I was drawing chickens earlier the Pentel brush pen and I weren’t getting along so I switched to my Noodler. 

The paper is Stonehenge ripped  into long strips with my bone folder and then accordion folded. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx