Day 372 Hog Fish Grill

Yum. They do a great hogfish taco. No idea if their other food is good because that’s what we always get. Just like we always sit out on the dockside.  

This is the 180 view from our table. Still in the awful moleskine. Only a few pages left. Thank goodness. Then back to my super bee. 

I think I ended up with two separate paintings though they are the whole view from where I sat. A great shot down the wharf from where I sat and then out into the marina. Also where I was sitting. 

Wanted to add a note about the color. 
 The green is Daniel Smith green apatite a granulating primatek. Love the way it granulates.

 I added Quin gold to it to simulate sunshine on the tree and darkened it for the fir with Inathradone blue. The palms are down with it too. Yellowed with Winsor yellow a transparent yellow. 


The marina side from our table. Colors cerulean Yellow ochre mineral Violet burnt sienna and burnt umber to make the greys. The sky got way to dark. This paper just seems to suck the color and not let you add water to it to make it sheer. Most annoying. 

Here’s the whole double page spread. This really is what we saw from our table when we looked to my left. The reason we always try to sit here even though it’s Hotter out there on the deck. They do have huge fans to cool you down. Thanks goodness. 

I hear from a local,  Pam Hobbs of  that their shrimp tacos are divine as well as their calamari topped Caesar salad. 

Off to watch the sunset. Thanks for reading.