Day 376 Ibis!  

Yesterday we went on Lloyds Tropical Bike Tour. It was great fun but that’s for another day. He took us to the Key West Wildlife Center. They shelter a lot of injured birds a quite a few iguanas that run like crazy when you get near them. 

Today I went back to sketch. The birds cooperated. Once again the iguanas didn’t. 

I did this one entirely on site sta picnic table there. Watch out for the bird poo lol. The ibises were great. They loved to pose. Some of the younger ones would let you get quite close.   The younger ones have brown heads or totally brown bodies. The ibises are painted with cerulean and raw sienna for shadows. Beaks are painted with cad red light and Winsor yellow. Legs same with a little cobalt blue added. 

Background is green apatite,  Inathradone blue, Winsor yellow, and a bit of cobalt. 

Here’s the set up I used to paint this. 

  This one was painted at home. Te birds were shaded with cerulean and Quin good. Other colors are the same. 
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx