Day 370 – Island TimeĀ 

Finally in Key West. Sunset 4×6 Strathmore 140# Winsor Newton Paint in a whiskey painters pallette. 

The sunset off the backporch. Rough life right?! Colors Yellow Ochre alizarin Ultramarine Blue and burnt sienna. Pleased with this. May have a go at a larger one. 


at the condo. Intimidating drawing in the middle of a crowd on recliners with no place to hide. Done in pencil in my Moleskine watercolor book that I started when we came to Key West inDecember. Only twenty pages to go. 

Colors Yellow Ochre, alizarin, Ultramarine Blue, Quin coral, cad yw light, cerulean, cobalt, viridian, and burnt sienna. 


 Two hopefuls who like me didn’t win a thing. Ah well. There’s always next week?! A free sunset cruise would be great but I would settle for a tshirt! 

Same colors as before. Flesh is Quin coral with yellow ochre. Done in pencil in my Moleskine watercolor book

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx