Day 383 – on the road again!!

The long road home. Two days of driving from Key West to Atlanta. 

 Amazing sunsets

 Thought I would share some of the highlights of our trip. 

  The ghost
tour with Michael 
Creepy but fascinating. You do hunt for ghosts. 😳

 the Lloyds tropical bike tour and 

   Analise and her

 food tour YUMMMMM
  The Papas 

  And sitting at Mallory square during the eight mile hike. THINK SWEAT!! 
Eating at a few of our fans. Caroline’s on Duval super wait staff salad was the best we ate. Bamboozled salad. 


Blue Heaven Thomas and Petronia Chickens and wonderful breakfast of eggs Benedict with pink shrimp. And a band in a funky spot including a chicken cemetery. 



Louies Backyard. The best food on the island.  Expensive but deliciousness. Lunch is a cheaper option.   

Hogfosh Grill on Stock Island. Hogfosh Tacos of course. 

 Buzzards Roost in Key Largo. Recommend their Mahi Mahi wrap. Gorgeous view of Garden Cove. 

Another sunset. 

Stay tuned for more Key West. I only have 1500 photos!!!

Thanks for reading!!! 

Margaret xxx

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