Day 385 – A few loose ends 

Some of my favorite things about key west is the wildlife.  

The double page  in my Moleskine watercolor book. I decided they were the last double spread because they are so iconic in Key West. Literally they are everywhere behind and under almost any bush, in the parking lots, under the tables in your favorite restaurant. You can not help but fall I love with them. 

A few chicken stories! 

  Chickens actually use the crosswalks to cross the busy streets. I saw them do it with my own two eyes. Truly they do. And I love following them around to draw them. 

Roosters. Indispensable to their families. If you feed the chickens the roosters let the hens and chicks eat first while they are on the look out for enemies. Keeps the species going. I never thought a rooster could be so thoughtful and protective of his brood though I have seen a male Cardinal take care of his babies.    
Ibis at the Wildlife Center. What a hoot. They follow you around i hopes of a snack. And seem to pose like this one.  

One of my favorite Watercolors I did at Key west. The wildlife center ibis.  

A few of the eight or so ibis sketches I did at the wildlife center last Saturday. Or was it Friday?! In Key West the days run into each other. 


I spent a lot of time taking pics of iguanas. They are so fascinating. Living dinosaurs. 

  My favorite finished iguana sketch.   
This guy a big grey one was begging with the ibis til he got scared and leapt into a tree.  They are SO fast. And he was big. More than four feet long. He blended right into the palm tree. 

We fondly nicknamed this one Mango. A big fellow at the condos. I stalked him talking to him nicely. He would begrudgingly pose. Later we saw him repeatedly whip a kid who was throwing stuff at him. OUCH!! I don’t blame Mango one bit. Someone should have been watching the kid. Evidently iguanas also have razor sharp teeth. They hang out in the trees in Key West and would rather run climb or swim away than get in a fight. 

A large green one. I think this is my favorite color but they are all so gorgeous like a watercolor and blend right into their surroundings. 

Sunrise in the Keys. Going to miss these too. Enough for today. Can’t wait to get home and get my paintbrush busy! 

Thanks for reading! 

Margaret xxx

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