Day 386 – a few more loose ends. Part 2

   Mr Chapman riding his conch cruiser aka bike  on Duval because he can. As a boy he was never allowed out of the black area of town  Duval was a No No if you were black. Now he rides with  rock music blasting.  
Here’s Mr Chapman in real life. Sad story about Mr Chapman. He’s loosing his house. Key West is loosing him and his joy cruising the streets. You can’t help but smile at him as he drives by!!  

Evidently Mr Chapman was tricked out of his house for the price of back taxes so he’s moving to the mainland. If you want to donate this is the address. 


More sketches from the wildlife center.  The pelican is a sad case. He lost part of his bill and can never live on the wild again. 
A couple enjoying the back deck at Louies Backyard. A great place to relax and enjoy the sea breezes. I did  sit out on the deck at Louies and drew this. It was hard to leave.   

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 


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