Day 380 – Busy Day 

working on a commission. Got up so early to get a start I actually was worn out and took a nap in the bed. I always nap on the sofa IF I take a nap. 

I was out at 6:45 taking photos of the dawn.  

Then I actually cooked breakfast.  

After that we were off to the Hemingway look alike contest at 9 at the Cypress House.  

   Very odd being surrounded by a bunch of white bearded guys. 

  They usually have about 75 entries. 

  You can look like a young Hemingway but most of the guys were older look alikes with white beards. 

Lots of pics for painting bearded guys in hats now. Been wanting some since Fealin Lins class. 

  Last years winner. A funny guy. Not sure of his name. He got a medal which is the red ribbon hanging backwards around his neck. 
Then I came home to get to working on the commission. Could not find my full sketchbook of Key West anywhere. I needed it to make a bigger painting of one of the sketches.  Thank goodness I had good photos and got busy. 

Took a break and went to eat at the Hogfosh grill. We were gonng to a shrimp place on stock island but atrip advisor  review from two days ago said dogs were all over and eating at the table. We decided to got to HogFish were we knew what to expect. 

Before we left we searched the trunk in the daylight and there was my sketchbook.  Thanks goodness. 

Here’s what I am working on. 


Lots of details left to do. Hope Analise likes it. Thanks for reading. 

Back to painting. 

Ps if you want to paint the Hemingway look alikes feel free. They love posing!! 

Margaret ️xxx 

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