Day 381 – sketching like a madwoman

today. Only one more day before we head home. It may be hot here but it’s even hotter at home. And not nearly as beautiful. However we are going into training for our Paris trip in three months. Even more walking and NO carbs. I hope. Lol.  

Hotel Pegasus on Duval and Southard. 

 A photo of Pegasus. 

The sketch. Oopps. My perspective got a little off.  
Dog Beach. Evidently I took this thru instagram so I stole it back with a screen shot. 

Here’s my sketch.  The people came along right when I was packin up to go so I just plopped them into the sketch.  

Here’s a pic of Dog Beach. Isn’t t gorgeous. Lucky dogs!! 

Thanks for reading. Hope to germane if these painted soon. I only have about 20’pages of unpainted sketches. 😳

Margaret ️xxx

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