Day 377 – and chickens

  I love drawing chickens. I NEVER used to understand WHY anyone would like painting drawing buying chicken paintings. Now I know. They are just fun to draw as are all birds.  These are drawn with my Noodler creaper Ahab in my almost finished moleskine. Thank goodness.

 I still really don’t like that paper!! The paint just seems to stick to the paper. You can not wash out the color. It just sticks. NO FUN!! 

From now on I am sticking to Strathmore 500 mixed media paper or Stillman and Birn Zeta sketchbooks. NO MORE moleskine watercolor books ever again.  At least I only have one more page in that moleskine!!  HURRAH!! 
 Here’s a picture for you to draw that I took at the Wildlife Center yesterday!!  

I still have to go back and draw the egret  pelicans hawk and various sea birds at the Wildlife Center. 
I rounded the corner there and on the sidewalk was a HUGE white egret. 

  I guess we were both scared.  

 He flew off. 

If you want to draw either the egret or the chickens feel free!! 
Thanks for reading! 

Margaret ️xxx

4 thoughts on “Day 377 – and chickens

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      These are wild chickens. They live on their own in the town of Key West. No owners to feed them and get them fattened up!! But still fun. Some are so friendly and others run if you get near them.


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