Day 1284 – A Little Slice of Heaven

Or out my back door at the bird feeder. Fun sitting on the sofa watching the silly things. They squabble and fight. Chase each other off especially the squirrels and the cardinals. Aka no sweat involved in bird sketching plein air right?!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£

I do love the cardinals but those darn rascal squirrels are always posing for me.

Hanging out on the porch rail the guy on the bottom of the second one was actually staring at me and plotting his next attack on the supposedly squirrel proof feeder.

Before using water on the watercolor pencils. Cant decide whether I like them better this way or “painted”. U lose the detail when you wet them with the brush and then you have to use the pencils again.

These were the Faber Castell watercolor pencils I used to color them. I am some what annoyed that the stillman and birn sketchbook alpha buckled so much and it’s so apparent on this one. The paper is too thin. I also had a lot of blooming which I lost when I recolored them with the pencils again.

Next time I am going to use my inktense pencils to draw them because they are permanent once wet and color them with the watercolor pencils. Wet watercolor pencils do interesting things too as in they are really dark when applied so nice for extra dark touches.

I did not use a black one. My darks where indigo and a deep violet and a warm grey.

Margaret who needs to jump in the shower before her meeting in an hour. Xoxoxo#outmybackdoor #nature #stillmanandbirn #watercolorpencils #animals #birds #squirrel #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals

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