Day 1279 King of Pops

Love King of pops popsicles especially the chocolate sea salt or the the raspberry lime so you know I also like to draw their merry umbrella. This is the third or fourth time.

I sketched it on Saturday at Olmsted Plein air trying to plan my painting for the next day during the Quick Paint event.

Atlanta Sundays. 11×15

I decided to move the King of Pops cart so it broke up the horizon line a bit instead of following the horizon line like in the original sketch. I have spent a lot of Sunday’s and holidays with my family eating King of Pops popsicles. It’s a family tradition now. One son even has them at his wedding reception and of course everyone loved them. Delicious. Go get one of you are lucky enough to live near a place that sells them.

Margaret xoxoxox whose jonesing for a King of Pops and wish she had bought one at earthfare today. #Olmstedlinearpark #atlanta #pleinair #oilpainting #painting #artists #paint #urbansketching #ink #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #lamy #druidhills

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