Day 1274 Scott Gelattly

The Gamblin Oil Paint Product Manager gave a fascinating talk about color. And passed out free stuff. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!! Scott was also ready willing and able to answer questions about oil paint. Told me to get his card and email him if I had anymore questions. What service!

Did I say I have a large peach basket full of oil paint which I hadn’t been using because I don’t like the smell of the solvents. He gave lots of good advice on that too.

My biggest take away from his talk was the two types of color. Modern colors -Thalos and quins, hansa yellow, quinacridones – carbon based and made in a lab have much more color even when mixed with white than the organic colors like cobalt, cadmiums and ultramarine are made from burnt minerals and always mix together making a much duller color.

Also Scott said that virtually NO color is toxic anymore. No lead no radioactive cobalts or other heavy metals and are actually much safer than acrylics which are made from Plastic aka petroleum based.

All oil paints are organically made from flax seed oil and safflower oil aka grown.

If you are interested in finding out more about oils the Gamblin podcasts on

I also found a podcasts on savvy painter with Joe Gyursak. I am really enjoyed these podcasts. They are packed with information downloadable and FREE. LOVE free!!!

Now that I have totally bored you go listen to some of savvy painters podcasts. You will learn a lot!! Brian Rutenbergs was fascinating too. I also discovered he has years of videos from his studio on YouTube.

Margaret who baked quite a few dozen cookies for sketching in Aiken tomorrow and is now putting up her feet and going to knit on the second worlds longest sock. Xoxoxoxo

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