Day 1288 – It’s Saturday

More storms coming. We are on a flood watch in our county. Welcome to southern summer.

Almost a train wreck 19×24

At first break I called this Train Wreck. A tough pose for Ilaina and a tough pose to draw. Legs and arms in every direction.

Drawn on 19×24 ” strathmore bristol-Very slick and unforgiving- with various 4b and 6b leads.

My biggest critiscisms too many hard edges and streaky washes. Oh well I can blame it on the paper.

At first break. Forty minutes. I kept drawing and erasing and redrawing. Over and over. Eeekkkk. The green happened accidentally. I picked it up on my palette when I started loading the flesh tones. Eeek. Oh well. Kinda like it now. I added more.

Colors used. Flesh is quin coral and yellow Ochre. Cobalt violet imperial purple a dab of ultramarine blue. Hair quin burnt sienna burnt umber and ultramarine blue.

Background is quin burnt sienna and yellow ochre.

Might darken the background. Might turn it into compost. Lol.

Drew Murphy. My fav yesterday. Another reason it was a tough pose. She couldn’t hold it and kept sagging. Ilaina can hold any pose but this one twisted her back and extended her arms too far.

George Dawany first break. He fled before I got a chance for another pic. JUST LOVE this. Conte crayon I think and sand paper on strathmore bristol.

Jeremy Sutherland. My other favorite. Gorgeous portrait.

Coach Larry on the floor again looking up. Nice charocoal

Bill Daniels. Scores another good one. Oil on metal

Amy’s nice oil. Really like it’s sketchiness and the soft colors

Marilyn Hartley conte crayon large sketch

Al Beyer large oil 3×4′

Dawn large pencil sketch. Love the colors.

Tom Needham nice soft watercolor

Beth’s daughters large pencil sketch. She’s improving a lot.

Fred’s zany painting love the wild colors.

Hugs Margaret off to plant a few fleurs. Xoxoxo

Ilania 19×24” 90 min sketch strathmore Bristol #uscaiken #lifemodel #nude #lead #pencil #sketching #watercolor #allaprima #aquarelle #canson #board #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #albeyer #aiken #augusta