Day 1269 What Judges Look for – Judges Talk last weekend

More quin burnt orange in the background and dabs of ultramramirne.

Had no idea the three judges at Olmsted had such impressive resumes. I drew this while Ken and Tim were talking at the Druid Hills Golf Club last Sunday in the bar. The talks were quit interesting – how they judged the art. What collectors look for – they actually do like the art to match their decor. Strange. I never care. I barter for art I like.

Ok colors used. VERY LIGHT Quin gold wash over the whole page. Just to give a tinge a hint of gold. I actually darkened where the guy wasn’t to tone the page more.

Cerulean burnt sienna quin sienna quin burnt orange. Burnt umber Ultramarine and sea foam green. Think that’s it. Oh cad red. Decided I was going back to quin coral because it’s transparent. Some colors give u muck like cad red light and burnt sienna if you aren’t careful.

Lightened the dark brown. Aka scrubbed it a bit.

And this guy moved. He was slumped in his chair when I started drawing him with his arm on the table. Then he moved his arm and sat up. OH well. Still like his face.

Margaret whose going to cook something. Hope you aren’t in shock over that. 🤗xoxoxox

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