Day 1281 – Friends

Not too long after I got back from Olmsted Plein Air I realized I should be drawing people I know.

We have all been taking a MFA class from Al Beyer at USC Aiken and Al was retiring- the end of an age at USCA.


I decided I should draw some of the classmates to remember them.

Side views because we were all sitting listening to Al. Anybody who knows Marilyn or Ted would recognize them from the pencil sketches.

The color is off in Teds watercolor. I have tried to correct it in iPhoto to no avail and am too lazy to scan it or get my big Nikon out. Oops.

Anyway sketched in my stillman and birn with a mechanical pencil. Used lots of green gold on these. Grey is cerulean and DS quin burnt sienna. Flesh tones DS quin coral with a dab of French yellow ochre. Both are transparent colors. The darks are very diluted quin burnt sienna Ted Nuttall palette.

Back to drawing people. I really should spend more time drawing the people in my life instead of the darn dogs. Lol. Dogs hold still better especially as compared to kids. Here’s to more sketches of people I know as opposed to strangers. Time to torture friends and family.

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Day 1280 Hmm well I have been busy

And not doing art. Just having fun today so I almost forgot to post. Oopsey.

Finally finished up these guys. Earlier had not liked the guy on the right very much. I like him better now that he has a plaid shirt. Go figure. Why do I like painting plaid?! I also like painting fabric. A lot of people don’t. Maybe they like painting trees. You know I don’t. 🤗

Ultramarine blue to make it look like plaid and a few more dark blues to fix his collar. It’s not that I didn’t draw it right I just didn’t paint it right. These two guys with their cool hats and mustaches were irresistible to draw.

My favorite of the Olmsted pages I think. Well at least one of my favorites.

Worlds longest socks are getting closer to being done. Now WHY the two don’t match I have no idea since I ordered two of the same skeins. Oh well. It will be under his long pants or his lace up shoes so it won’t matter. And they will feel cozy next winter on cold days right?! The yarn is Lorna’s Lace that I bought from Jimmy Beans when they had a sale.

Hugs. Margaret trying to catch up on the dvred tv. Maybe I need to stay home to do that. Xoxoxo

Hats abound at plein air events and I find them fascinating. #atlanta #pleinair #painting #urbansketching #ink #watercolor aqua tells #stillmanandbirn #druidhills

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