Day 1289 Doves

Rain rain go away. Now we are getting tropical storm Albert. I swear the birds are trying to avoid being totally soaked puffing themselves up and holding their wings at odd angles. The doves wings are pointing up in the back and the tails down for optimum rain run off.

I think the one on the right is more acccurately drawn. I went with a pink background thinking it would make the green birds pop more instead it dominated. So then I had to knock it back. Colored over it with a buff wc pencil. Then started adding scratchy lines in indigo and red.

I actually like them better separately than as a spread.

Betting no kayakers on the river today!

My ever patient Zoe a jack Russell hanging over the back of the sofa watching and wondering if she can get a hand out while moms in the kitchen.

What’s up for you today?! More bird drawing sock knitting binge watching art on YouTube and acorn. Maybe a movie with a friend. And some barbecue.

Margaret xoxoxo

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