Day 1287 Strawberry Time

I need to eat more of these and quit making cookies before my size 8s grow to size tens. 😱🤪

I decided to go back over the background and make it darker. This is done with watercolor pencils. What else don’t I like?! The scribble right bottom. Not even neat. Hmmmm what was I thinking. Of course it’s ink and there’s no fixing it.

Here it is before I colored it. I do like sitting on the sofa watching the birds and coloring in my own handmade coloring book.

That said I have drawn a larger one on 300lb cold press Fabriano. I did have words but erased them. I hope I get off the sofa and use my watercolors to do this. We shall see. Might be more sitting on the sofa drawing the wild life and coloring.

Have several pages of them to color too. Always something to do right.

Bytw this little bugger was using his tail as an umbrella while it rained today. Funny little guy.

Margaret whose at life drawing. Xoxoxoxo

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