Day 1291 Dr Sketchys tonite

A sketch of Zoe that I did in my small Moleskine watercolor book woh my new Twisbi EF pen that is loaded with Deartrementis Document Brown ink.

Document Brown is permanent aka waterproof which makes it great for sketching. Hard to find but mine came from Goulet pens. I also have it in Fog color another document color.

Be careful if you buy some that you get Dartementis DOCUMENT ink or you will end up with some that are not waterproof. Gorgeous colors but NOT waterproof. Confusing because in the same bottles.

Easier to get document inks in these inexpensive sample bottles. Hmm also food for traveling.

Off to Dr Sketchys. Hugs Margaret xoxoxo where it’s raining yet again. Go away Alberto