Day 1290 a day when

my granddaughter Livia

Fun won over painting today. Well and packing for another road trip tying up loose ends. Charles Reid class coming up in Savannah in a week and a half. I think I have everything ready to load in the car now.

Key west Hemingway papa

Willie Nelson drawn off tv. A Chinese man from Shanghai. Always loved this when it was a photo in my dads China album from his Marine Corps Days pre WW2. Mom on her 90th birthday. I told her to smile. The High museum in Atlanta on my to Do list next week. tPomcr City Marlet. Will be eating there next week. Let be the Ponce. The Fox. Been in love with this place for years. Downtown Knoxville drawn from the fifth floor of the Marriot.

Two spreads of Atlanta drawn from a doctors seventh floor office window at Northside Hospital. Did I say I love Atlanta?!!

Dr Sketchys tomorrow so will have plenty of fodder for my posts. Hugs.

Margaret xoxoxo