Day 1273 Just when I thought

I knew what was doing I will get a clinker of a watercolor and honey this one is it. Hmmm well I do like the background trees and somehow I like the trees but that’s about it. Probably should have left it as a sketch but for some reason or other I don’t. Does that make me an idiot?!

Last class it occurred to me that I should be drawing classmates to remember them like a photo album one day when we aren’t together. Should have started earlier.

Drew looking much younger than his age. He’s a terrific painter.

Ted who loves to go to the races and paint horses.

Sweet Marilyn my next door neighbor at the studio. Does gorgeous drawings and sketchy paintings.

Marge who loves bright colors in her landscapes.

In the meantime I have this whole series of friends in my painting class at USCAiken that I drew that need painting. Maybe I won’t kill them. I HOPE!!

Be sure to check out the podcasts on Savvy Painter. You can dlisten to them while you paint. Very inspiring. You can also download them and listen to them in your car.

So far listened to The Gamblin Guys, John Wentz pushing the boundaries of portrait painting and Duane Kaiser the painting a day guy.

Margaret getting her hair cut. Xoxoxo

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Day 1272 Another Day Another Hat!! or is it still too many midtones?! 😂

I do like to paint people in hats. Great shadows! And hats are interesting to paint.

Hurrah. Jake got juried into the SC watermedia National show. Always cool and good for the ego!! It will be digital so everyone can see it.

You can view the show here. And yeah he’s for sale. You know you want him to come stay at your house so you can admire his arms. My friends and I all have been. 😂

Judge actually posted her comments. Something I have never seen before. She said she thought the background should be darker. Hmmm. Too many midtones again. She might be right. What do you think?!!

She also said he was smug. And here I was thinking he was just squinting in the bright fall light looking at the performer in Brevard. Smug. Hmmmm.

But back to the other hats. Here’s one from last weekend. Sun hats of all kinds abounded and I was fascinated with them. This guy was hard to paint since his face Was almost totally in shadows sitting under a tent listening to and demo. I elected to keep his face on the light side.

Margaret back to her sock she’s knitting. Xoxoxox

#atlanta #pleinair #painting #urbansketching #ink #watercolor aqua tells #stillmanandbirn #druidhills

#Olmstedinvitationalpleinair #urbansketching #artists #art #sketchbookskool #demo