Day 1271 Suzy Baker or too many midtones?

More darks! Makes the hat pop.

Before I added the darks. Too many midtones.

Loved Suzy Bakers Great big sun hat and all the stickers on her pochade box. I do wish I had made her face narrow in this sketch but that’s the way sketching gos. It’s never an exact thing when out and about drawing. And maybe some one darks to make her hat pop more since I am betting the tones are all in the mid range without a lot of darks or lights. Oopsey. Easy to see the problem when you convert the sketch to a black and white in photo ap.

Since it is a sketch does it matter? Just annoying and something to remember. Guess that’s why Joe gets to be in the big show. He did it. 😃 It made the hat really pop!

oOk I couldn’t resist. I quickly added some blues -cobalt and ultramarine- and green gold with my big Cheap joes wash brush to the background of the painting. A few seconds painting rally improved it. Does make the hat pop more doesn’t it?

That Millers Pseudo squirrel quill mop. So much cheaper than my old squirrel Isabey mop. Makes great trees. And does great washes. Only $25 compared to the Isabel which was $85 and didn’t last a year. Started popping its bands so I returned it to Cheap Joes.

Maggie off to play today.

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