Day 1285 Trying to Experiment

So what’s the big experiment?! There are a few.

Writing is one.

I wrote little across the background on this one to see if it would give it more interest. It’s done with a soft lead pencil which I smear with my finger after I am done writing.

I used copyright free Wikipedia as a source for my writing. I like the texture it gives the background.

Another one was to use an inktense pencil to draw them. Inktense are permanent after you wet them. I used a sepia one on the wrens and I think I still like the deep indigo one better which is what I used on the squirrels.

However I DO wish I had not stuck that small wren in at the last minute It was sitting on the back porch busily pecking away. I couldn’t resist. I should have. I also wanted to try to leave it sketchy aka you can see the marks of the watercolor pencil. I think it worked better on the squirrels than the wrens.

Actually like it better with writing. Do you?! Maybe I need to add some stamps. 🤣

I used a really dry #7 or so sable brush which I blotted most of the water from on my pants. Don’t tell my mom.

Then I just laid it down on the squirrels here and there blotting the colors with the brush as I went. You also have to clean the brush a little because it picks up color.

Last experiment is using an old tiny watercolor moleskin that I have had lying around for a while to see how the paper would behave. I know newer moleskins are now made in China and have iffy paper aka no quality control. I bet this one is much older. At least seven years old judging by notes in the back of the book. Sad because they were great books.

Margaret nursing a headache but still drawing. Xoxoxo

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