Day 1275 it’s Saturday

Quite pleased with the way Ilania turned out today. Pretty well for a ninety minute painting from life. Heads a little too round in the back. the sketch

Right now I can’t find anything to fix. Give me a couple of hours I might. 🤣

First forty minutes. Heads too fat and the hair looks like a helmet. I managed to wet the hair and lighten it up a lot.

Second break about 70 minutes. Nearly done.

Finished for now.

I enjoyed watching coach Larry who was sitting on the floor in front of me drawing.

His charcoal turned out great but I didn’t get a pic before he left.

Toms soft watercolor not finished.

Bills oil on metal panel. Nice job!!

Als huge oil. He’s off to Portugal tomorrow afternoon lucky guy.

Fred’s whimsical acrylic

Happy Mother’s Day everyone xoxoxo Maggie and Zoe.