Day 1270 Urbansketching

Artists are fairly easy to draw because they hold still for you!! Joe Gyurcsak the Utrecht Blick rep was a font of information as he painted Suzy Baker. She was painting him too. Annoyed I misspelled his name.

I was especially interested in what Joe had to say since he paints plein air in acrylic. Next time I think I will use my acrylics.

Joes palette. He always sets it up the same way so he can find the colors without looking. The ONLY paint colors Joe uses when painting plein air. All plein air painters pack light. Nobody wants to carry every paint they own. Too heavy. Joes fairly large painting of Suzy-acrylic 12×14 panel. He was taking about what he was doing the whole time. Painting masses of color NOT details. If you like his start he actually paints a whole portrait on this YouTube video.

Suzy’s painting of Joe. Fun square oil on board. Joes Strada set up on a tripod base. Suzy’s well traveled pochade box also on a tripod base.

Both set ups are available on amazon.

Margaret who had to go paint more. Xoxoxo #olmstedpleinair #atlanta #pleinair #painting #urbansketching #ink #watercolor aqua tells #stillmanandbirn #druidhills

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