Day 1267 Food trucks

Working outside makes me hungry I don’t know about you. This was my late lunch Saturday from Petite Rendezvous Creperie food truck. I was hesitant to eat a crepe but I was starving. Last time I ate one in the Marais in Paris just down the street from the Pompidou museum I didn’t like it much.

I can say Petite Rendezvous knows how to make a loaded crepe. Delicate crispy edged deliciousness.

Sunday I was up for a revisit only to sadly see them pull away as I was busy with the quick paint at the Plein Air event. I had been really looking forward to it. Only truck left was something called Spice the Americas which featured north and South American food. Hmmmm.

I am not fond of hot food. Burns my lips and my mouth out. When you have had nothing to eat all day and there’s no place else to eat til late afternoon you will try spicy.

This jerked pulled pork sandwich was good once I removed a few of the hot peppers.

Stillman and Birn Beta Lamy my palette from Kim Johnson’s class and a few watercolor pencils.

Off to Als retirement extravaganza. Talk to you later. Margaret whose trying to act like I feel fine. Cough cough. Xoxoxo

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