Day 1283 It’s Saturday

On a Sunday. Once I got home I decided her eyes were too high and her body was too pale. Maybe I should have just darkened the background. Who knows?! I never can decide. I do like the darker background.

The left side was sprayed with water and then blotted before it was dry giving the splotchy effect.

Anyway I quit. She can collect dust with the others.

The sketch

First break 40 minutes

Second break. 60 minutes or so.

At the end of the session. The palette and the brushes I used.

The head down like that is hard to get right. Next week I am doing the back. Lol. No eyes and ears to contend with.

Drew Murphy 2×3’acrylic


First break. He wished he had quit here after forty minutes. Drew is fast.

Told Jeremy he looked like he belonged in Montmartre in Paris drawing.

Jeremy’s gorgeous pastel.

Coach Larry’s great charcoal

Lawyer Lee always uses the almost cubist angles.

Alex’s beautiful pastel. Oddly the white shows up much better on the camera. first break.

HOPE he doesn’t erase it like he usually does.

Amy’s large painting. Second break. Never saw it finished. Really like it a lot.

First break. Great start.

Bills fascinating oil on metal panel. Really like this a lot. Said he used a lot of quin magenta.

Tom Needham’s quiet watercolor. He said he thought he overworked it but I like it. Very soft and delicate.

Dentist Fred who finally has returned from his Italian sojourn.

A second small oil by Coach Larry.

And that’s it. Back to my bird drawings. Back porch at the feeder. Ok so there’s a squirrel or two. Such silly annoying animals. Drawn with watercolor pencils.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo

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