Day 1287 Rain rain go away

As soon as the storm and the pressure change it gives me an annoying headache. That said time to post.

Always something that bugs me about a drawing or painting. Why didn’t I put the male cardinal on the same line as the female AND OOPS I meant to put the word Cardinal on the end of the right page. Best laid plans do go astray.

Step 1

A quick photo tutorial to show you how the handwriting works.

Step 2 – smeared with my trusty ever reliable index finger. It’s also good for smearing ink.

Step 3 – Colored with a watercolor pencil. Or u could use wc.

Step 4 – wet w a brush.

Step 5. I wrote on it again with a stabilo pen which usually runs when wet. Not this one. Oh well time to punt.

Moleskine watercolor pencils.

Margaret xoxoxox

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