Day 1286 A headache

a few sketches favorite sketches. This one is from the Seine Viking cruise. Richard the Lionhearts chateau at les Andelys Chateau gaillard. He made the townspeople build this before the town aka their houses. Wonder where they lived.

It gets cold in France. Poor peasants. And when they finished he promptly died. Hmmm. a Lovely 80plus year old couple that do the cruise every year

The British cemetary near BayeuxFrance in Normandy. The quote says something like the Anglo Saxons finally saved the conquerors aka the Normans. Hmmm. the view from the restaurant Buzzards Roost Key Largo ditto

Savannah down on river walk. How could I not daw that is it a sphinx? The lion thing. more key largo Lady Violet cause she was my favorite dowton abbey cause character. Scootch my Honey dogs BFF part chow part lab looking for his mom when I babysat him.

My beloved dragon at a Ponce City market.

Back to my headache. Ttyl xoxox hoping it’s gone in the am but yes it’s better thanks very much for asking. Hugs.

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