Day 1264 Those $&!% Easels so many to choose!!

All kinds of easels. So many to choose from. Light weight is a big concern with them. . When you paint outside an easel is a big problem. The inexpensive portable ones seem ro collapse or blow over in the wind. I spent a lot of time. Looking at easels while I was at the plein air event. They came in all shapes and sizes.

This is Yer Za Vues well used Soltech set up. It can be set up in ONE a minute. I kid you not. Hoping Santa brings me one for Christmas. Their webpage says they set up in 20 seconds and I can believe it. The legs flip out and the box flips open. So easy to use.

Here’s Michele Byne using hers. They are very light weight. She said the only problem with them is in sand. It will ruin it. Gums up the legs so she uses pot handle holders to sheath her legs when she paints at the beach. I do think the silicon version would be better because they wouldn’t get wet but hey I am sure the fabric ones are cheaper.

Here’s a link to it on amazon. Only $499.

This is Joe Gyurcsak s Strada easel. It’s only a mere $299. Again very light weight but you have to attach it to a camera tripod which makes it heavier than the Strada. and here it is in the sketch. His guy wins LOTS of prizes and is an acrylic painter. Go Joe!! Also the Utrecht/Blick rep.

Suzie Bakers well traveled pochade box which weighs in at about five pounds without the easel.

Here she is with her travel sticker covered box. I also think I need that hat.

The tripod is a lot artists preferred base because they are inexpensive and hard to knock over in a wind and make a steady set up on uneven ground.

The umbrella was a popular accoutrement. And NO they didn’t sit under the umbrella the painting was under it. I am sure so they could see the true colors of the painting.

Charles Reid has been doing plein air painting for years. This is one of his two Craig Young palettes. Both cost big bucks. Hand made of brass with your name engraved on it.

He also uses a tripod base for his easel with a piece of thick foam core on top. One of his books has instructions on how to make this but YouTube does too I am sure.

Another shot of him with his easel and his other Craig Young paint box. The hand held boxes are great for plein air. He clips a pot of water to the bottom of his board with a binders clip and a can for his brushes when he doesn’t have a handy paint box.

love the brushes stuck in the grass.

Jill Steenhuis s Set Up.

A small pochade box on a tripod.

Another Soledad.

Another pochade box on an easel.

A cool rolling cart to carry your gear.

John Guernseys set up. And his upright panel holder On a tripod. Hmm I need that tray.

I was surprised that so many of them used panels til I realized that they are so easy to Pop into a frame at the event. No fuss no muss and it’s ready to hang with a jmf frame.

Yer Za Vues Soledad Up close with a Masterson sealable paint box on top. I saw her set this one up in seconds.

One more Soledad Michelle Byne.

So what did I decide on?! I have a couple of camera tripods. Going to try one of them with a set up similar to


To make one of these I have amazon sending me a guerilla painters tripod mount. Wish I had thought of looking on amazon for one of these sooner. I would have a Charles Reid easel already.

I also ordered one of these :A Guerilla painter flex easel. If I hate it I will send it back.

I also ordered one of these rolling chairs. Highly recommended by Brenda Swanson. The masters chair I used was terrible. Too low and the bar of the sling cut my legs after a while.

Margaret off To design a T-shirt I hope!! Xoxoxo

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  1. Lois hughes says:

    I have a Soltek, never used, bought last year for 500…will sell for 400. I live in Aiken. If interested give me a call.

    Lois Hughes 8932706531

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