Day 1163 Excitement

This letter from WordPress Discover was in my in box this am. Too exciting. πŸ€—

I’ve selected your site ( for Discover (; our team has promoted one of your posts in the past, but we also think your entire site is great, with new art frequently posted, so we wanted to designate it as a recommended site pick.Your site will appear on Discover on January 12. Thanks so much for continuing to publish with us and happy 2018!πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰

πŸ”˜Now about that picture. A remembrance of our adventure at the Center for the Puppetry Arts a big hit with Henry and I. The troupe does an amazing job. Extremely professional and a very well done show.

The painting is done with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette in my Stillman and Birn Alpha drawn with one of my Lamy’s.

The museum is incredible. A great Jim Henson section. Yes Kermit and Miss Piggy are there. And the Fraggles. Historical puppets from around the world. Indian shadow puppets. l Lots of interactive child friendly exhibits.

A Chines puppet I think. Scar from Lion King. The large puppets from War Horse.

Just a great place. Henry wanted to go again and see the Gingerbread Boy show. We should have. So much easier than Fernbank.

Put the Center for the Puppetry Arts on your must see Atlanta list. You will love it. Ask Henry!!

Margaret xoxoxox whose excited about WordPress Discover!! Yeah

Day 1162 New Tires @Costco

Never a good thing to have to stay at Costco and wait for tires. I had to do some shopping and buy tires before I was done. Oops. Anyway drew this with my pentel brush pen while sitting at the food court waiting and waiting. Don’t believe them. Even with an appointment count on it not being ready til long after they say. In fact they hadn’t even started when I went to ask them if was ready when they said it would be.

More sitting! So I pulled out my pen and drew the crowds as they filtered by. A few umbrellas and signs. I think it looks a lot better painted. Pretty sure the guy on the left corner was waiting for tires too. He sat as long as I did.

Ted Nuttalls palette Stillman and Birn Alpha.

That’s about it.

Margaret xoxoxo

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Day 1161 Zoe sunning

I painted this after streaming some art videos on YouTube especially Ted Nuttall and rereading all my notes from his class. They are copious – a small book with illustrations.

It was done with really thin layers of colors. The greys on her white fur where done with peacock blue and quin sienna. The background is Daniel smith green gold which is quin gold and Thalo blue. I would say this mixed color leans heavily on the quin gold side with a little Thalo blue.

I added dots of colors on my palette like the orange, mineral violet and one of the blues on the Ted Nuttall palette.

Somebody asked me how I got this effect yesterday. I don’t know. I can tell you I used a lot of very watery mixes of transparent colors (Ted Nuttall palette) plus Andrews turquoise on her scarf.

I also use a small table top easel to paint. Yes the paint can run but usually doesn’t. I also used a 16 Cheap Joes Legend Brush.

Lettering down with the Uniball. Random remarks from the Ted Nuttall Cheap Joes YouTube video.

Paint shapes not objects. Hmm I thought that’s what everyone does. Have to think about that one for a while.

Drawn in my Stillman and Birn alpha with a Uniball pen.

Sad about the DaWgS today. Evidently my red socks and my red dog pants and my rose bowl t shirt didn’t work. πŸ™

Margaret whose still sleepy and is going to be extra lazy today. Xoxoxoz

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Day 1160 Heading to Atlanta?!!

Heading to Atlanta?!! Time for the big game. Wearing my Rose Bowl Shirt and a red sweater and red socks. As the mother of two Georgia Bulldogs and Ga student myself what else can I do but say Go Dawgs?!!

I sent my kids to the Rose Bowl – the best sporting event they had ever been to – and stayed home to babysit. As I told them how can you not go you have been to all the other playoff games?! GO!! One more game til we are #1!!

Painting done with Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. Lamy EF Stillman and Birn Alpha

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Day 1159 I quit

Bah humbug some things aren’t worth fixing as I said on instagram. Can’t decide if I like him or not. I know. He’s an experiment. I murdered his right eye. I put the pupil looking the wrong way and tried to fix it turning the eye into a black miasma. It’s better but not great.

Wish I had taken a pic of it before. Oh well.

Drawn from the Tv – the Christmas Carol right before Christmas.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus some Daniel Smith green gold. Red Watercolor pencil for Letters. White gel pen.

Uniball pen in Stillman and Birn alpha.

Margaret xoxoxo whose knitting hats and binge watching the Indian Doctor on Acorn. Great Show!!

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Day 1158 Zoe time

Snuggling on my lap right now as I type. Really like how the base of gold that the page was washed with makes the blue look. Also how the crosshatching on her ears looks even though I will bet her right ear is too long. Oh well nothings perfect in a sketch.

Colors used: Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. Mineral violet cobalt quin sienna yellow plus Thalo blue for turquoise and green in her scarf. Alizarin in the cloth. Only red I put on the palette for some reason.

Stillman and Birn alpha Uniball pen I think but could be my Lamy Ef.

Margaret xoxoxo who may just snuggle with her puppy all day.

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Day 1157 – Fernbank

I think it’s finally done. You never know. I always reserve the right to add to them. I do love to pile up sketches. Then I can sit down with my own personal “coloring ” book and paint or color the pages. This one is actually done with watercolor pencils. About twenty different colors.

Tea dyed

Don’t ask me which ones. I know I used ultramarine blue cobalt blue cobalt blue green shade and green gold. I also used several different purples. Finally found a really dark purple to use for the shadows.

the plain page

Since I tea dyed the page earlier I may have roughed up the surface. It did not take well to the watercolor pencil. These alphas LOVE plain watercolor but the pencils would not make a smooth wash on it. Or maybe it was the tea.

I also dropped some blue pencil shavings on the page just to see what would happen. Intensified the color but didn’t leave little spots like I hoped it would.

That’s about it.

Margaret xoxoxo ready to have another nap today. Xoxoxo

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Day 1156 Henry Time

Good when they hold still so you can draw them with some accuracy.

This is going to be short because I have a killer headache and am going to try to take a nap. NO I am NOT getting that scourge that’s going round. I refuse.

Been trying to draw a finished portrait all morning and I am blaming it. I think it’s done but who knows. I keep tweaking it. Even the sunlight is making my head hurt. Silly on such a cold cold day.

Colors used. Quin gold and sienna. Ultramarine blue cerulean quin rose pyrrole red.

Nap time.

Margaret xoxoxo

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Day 1155 – another dog day

He may get more cross hatching but at least he looks right now.

Here’s how he looked earlier. That left front leg was too far down and was making him laugh ok Fat which he’s really not. He’s muscly like most pit bulls but not fat.

Time to get busy painting. Looks so much better painted.

Margaret worn out from unloading her car aka walking up and down three stories carrying her stuff.

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Day 1154 Fernbank!

Can’t believe I had time to draw any part of what we call brontosaurus that is in the Fernbank Rotunda but I had given up chasing my grandchildren around and Henry loves it when I draw. They actually have different names- argentisaurus, Giganotosaurus, Anhanguera and pterodaustri.

I toned the page just now with a tea bag. The African Nectar one that I got at Kavarna Saturday. I rewet it. Still plenty of tea in it. Maybe I will make another cup of tea with it.

This is the brontosaurus being chased by a T rex. I should have drawn the T rex but couldn’t find a seat where I could see it and I needed a seat by then.

There are also several smaller flying dinos near the brontosaurus’s head.

Shot of the Rose Bowl yesterday where the kids parents have been at the UGa OK game. I am so glad the right team won since I am the one who told them to go and I would babysit. Who knows when UGa might be in the Rose Bowl again!?

Lucky ducks also got to go to the Rose parade and had bleacher seats.

Margaret xoxoxo whose beginning to feel like she lives in Atlanta or Decatur this month.

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