Day 1158 Zoe time

Snuggling on my lap right now as I type. Really like how the base of gold that the page was washed with makes the blue look. Also how the crosshatching on her ears looks even though I will bet her right ear is too long. Oh well nothings perfect in a sketch.

Colors used: Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. Mineral violet cobalt quin sienna yellow plus Thalo blue for turquoise and green in her scarf. Alizarin in the cloth. Only red I put on the palette for some reason.

Stillman and Birn alpha Uniball pen I think but could be my Lamy Ef.

Margaret xoxoxo who may just snuggle with her puppy all day.

Zoe #warm #snuggle #jackrussell #jackrussellsofinstagram #jrt #watercolor #art #painting #cuteness #drawing #ink #dailydrawing #georgia #atlanta #terrier #rescuedog

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