Day 1157 – Fernbank

I think it’s finally done. You never know. I always reserve the right to add to them. I do love to pile up sketches. Then I can sit down with my own personal “coloring ” book and paint or color the pages. This one is actually done with watercolor pencils. About twenty different colors.

Tea dyed

Don’t ask me which ones. I know I used ultramarine blue cobalt blue cobalt blue green shade and green gold. I also used several different purples. Finally found a really dark purple to use for the shadows.

the plain page

Since I tea dyed the page earlier I may have roughed up the surface. It did not take well to the watercolor pencil. These alphas LOVE plain watercolor but the pencils would not make a smooth wash on it. Or maybe it was the tea.

I also dropped some blue pencil shavings on the page just to see what would happen. Intensified the color but didn’t leave little spots like I hoped it would.

That’s about it.

Margaret xoxoxo ready to have another nap today. Xoxoxo

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