Day 1156 Henry Time

Good when they hold still so you can draw them with some accuracy.

This is going to be short because I have a killer headache and am going to try to take a nap. NO I am NOT getting that scourge that’s going round. I refuse.

Been trying to draw a finished portrait all morning and I am blaming it. I think it’s done but who knows. I keep tweaking it. Even the sunlight is making my head hurt. Silly on such a cold cold day.

Colors used. Quin gold and sienna. Ultramarine blue cerulean quin rose pyrrole red.

Nap time.

Margaret xoxoxo

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8 thoughts on “Day 1156 Henry Time

  1. elissaworkmancreations says:

    I love your work! It’s very expressive. Henry is cute too, and 5 is definitely a good age. My 5 year old is turning 6 soon. It’s bittersweet.

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