Day 1173 Lazy Sundays

Beautiful sunny day here on the Savannah River. The weather is gorgeous. Am I out walking the dogs?!! Ah nope. Sitting on the sofa knitting watching dvred tv shows.

Zoe’s once again snoozing in her cozy bed in the sunshine while a squirrel chews on the pot on the other side of the window inches away from her.

Page was coated with a very light layer of quin gold. Painted with quin sienna, peacock blue, ultramarine blue and burnt umber.

So how did I draw her in her bed??? White dog white fleece. Lots of sun!? Squiggly lines for the fur. I have been interested in Tommy Kane use of crosshatchjng and lines since I watched a sketchbookskool club. video. Contour lines on her. Lots of straight lines and curves on the bed fabric a brocade. Tons of cross hatching in the shadows. And then even more crosshatching to darken it further.

My Lamy collection so far. All kinds of pens and nibs but still I use the Vista and Safari the most.

I started drawing with my old beloved Lamy Vista Ef and then changed to my Lamy Safari (the two Lamy’s on the right) both loaded with noodles eelskin. In my stillman and birn alpha.

Margaret xoxoxox who might paint.

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Day 1172 It’s Saturday

Ilana after about an hour. 19×24″ strathmore Illo paper .

Somebody told me what a great face.

Hmmm nope. This took about an hour to paint. Should have listened to Charles Reid and not used ultramarine blue on her face. It gets too dark. And I needed more time on the face I think aka it’s not done. Maybe tomorrow?!!

And I should have softened the edges more. Yuck. What else can I say!? Time flies when you only have an hour or so to paint a 19×24″ painting. Aka this ones going in the trash.

Colors used quin pink, quin sienna, nickel azo gold, cerulean, mineral violet,ultramarine blue. Drawn with a chunk of 6b lead on Strathmore illustration paper.

The first 40 minutes. 2×3′

I gave up on this one when I found out you can’t paint on YUPO vertically. Oops. The watercolor paint just slides off. And it beaded up.

Yupo is a kind of plastic and very slick. I actually like this one better than the first one. I may finish this one tomorrow. Been watching yupo videos for hours on YouTube hmmm that’s all I can say.

Mine after about first  forty minutes.

Al Beyer’s HUGE oil 3×4′ at least

Drew Murphy’s large acrylic.

Drews when he was done. 20×30″

Lees pastels.

Tom Needham. Lovely delicate colors.

no idea who drew this. A huge group of people from Columbia SC were there today.

No idea whose this is either.

Fred’s mondigliani Ilania.

Kathrine Padgett’s charcoal and pastel.

Bills oil on board. Big 2×3′



Marilyn Hartley’s

Coach Larry’s charcoal

One of the Columbia people

Columbia person oilFuture watercolor by one of the Columbia people.

I think his name was Chad Oil

Done by the dancing artist from Columbia Charcoal

Dawns large oil on board. 2×3′

I think thats all I have pics of. A huge crowd today.

Margaret in Aiken painting. Xoxox

Somebody tell me why my iPhone 8 takes photos that are too dark. They are NOT WYSIWYG Help!! #ilaina #watercolor #watercolours #aquarelle #sketch #drawingforsale #nude #pencil #lead #strathmore #bristol #yupo #oil #art #lifemodeling #artist #uscaiken #albeyer #sketching #drawing #allaprima

Day 1171 1000 PLUS followers + Kavarna

How can I say Thank YOU?!! I am amazed thrilled and grateful.

I drew this on New Years Eve when I was babysitting for my kids who had gone to the Rose Bowl at my instigation. Last time Georgia played at the Rose Bowl was in 1941. We all may be long gone before they are there again. So why not go?!

I came out to find of Kavarna which was so peaceful and quiet to find out Georgia was loosing. OH NO. So I thought I should journal on the page about the evening. I had no cable. I spent the evening texting a friend and my son in East Atlanta the play by play of the game.

Probably better before but I wanted to remember the crazy evening of watching a game Via txt.

Drawn with a Uniball. Lettering Lamy Ef and Lamy Safari. I will say once this book is painted the surface is rough to write on. The writing tends to bleed a bit on the edges.

Ted Nuttalls Transparent palette

Margaret who needs to start a new big painting project soon xoxoxo stay tuned. Or maybe finish up an old one. 🤗

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Day 1170 perspective is a killer

That fence is just off. I really like this old Spanish style gas station redone as a realtor office BUT they need to take down that fence. I did have the perspective on the street side windows off too but I think that’s ok now. Large acrylic I am working on at the art studio. Lots of perspective even on the dancers.

Perspective is always a problem when you do a painting like this in the studio let alone with the sketchbook propped on the windshield the way I drew the old gas station. Like me you may not know what is wrong just that something is off. I think the perspective is off on it but in the pic I took of it the fence looks like this. More or less the way I drew it.

Maybe it looks odd because the fence is too dark?! I dunno. Probably should have used my rigger paint brush to paint the fence. As Livie says nudder one. Maybe I will draw it over. Sometimes these urban sketches work sometimes they don’t.

I do like the grass and the sidewalk.

I also like the trees. And the darker quin gold on the front of the building.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. I washed the building with quin gold first. Then more quin gold on the top and in the trees.

Off to meet a friend for breakfast on this freEzing morning. 21 windchill 15. Pray I don’t turn into an ice cube.

Darned my favorite red wool socks last nite. All done with the darning. Now I can knit some new ones. Well after I buy some new sock knitting needles. The old ones are lost somewhere. They roll under something and are just gone.

Margaret xoxoxox who will hopefully post something better tomorrow.

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Day 1169 sometimes you just have to

Just have to journal and draw your lunch. I was trying to draw the birds at the feeder but they zoomed in and out so fast they were gone before I could put pen to page. I like them to sit on the rails or the back deck and hold still for a few second at least.

If you look you can see the outlines of three not so great bird drawings. This is one of the tea dyed pages I did a week or so ago. That African nectar tea is a great color but it did rough up the surface a little.

Painted with Ted Nuttall transparent colors and Charles Reid’s favorite leaf green Holbein Terre Vert.

Drawn with thenLamy Safari small letters done with Lamy Ef. Noodles Eelskin Black.

The socks I have been darning and a few strays. My feet won’t be cold in this icy snowy weather we are getting in the south east.

Hugs Margaret staying warm in her flannels. Xxoxoxox

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Day 1168 Busy Day

My sons dog Wesley for your consideration tonite. Drawn with a hmm Lamy Ef- a Vista.

My son calls him the cow dog because he’s black and white like a Holstein cow made famous in Atlanta by Chic fil A’s advertising campaign in which cows advise you to eat Moh Chicken.

He also has a Harry Potter lightning bolt on his rump. So he may be a warlock too.

Colors used. Quin sienna Indigo and pyrrole red.

Margaret who needs a nap and doesn’t feel good but is refusing to get sick. Only two more socks to darn. Xoxoxooops no three more socks. #pitbull #pittie #blackandwhite #stillmanandbirn #ink #teadyed #instadogs #dogs #pittie #pitbull #terrier #art #atlanta #chien #decatur #ink #sbsadrawingaday #stillmanandbirn #lamysafari #uniball

Day 1167 Done & Using Semiopaque Colors to Change your painting

I have been working on the sky in this one for a couple of days.

And there are two of them. Trying to lighten them with mineral violet and Cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise..

I really didn’t like it with the black black sky so I decided to lighten it because he night sky over a city is NOT black. The buildings are.

The black black is a mix of alizarin hookers green and indigo which makes an almost solid black when you use at least two layers of it- letting it dry between each coat.

While I was add it I decided to lighten the background on this painting with cerulean.

Now you may wonder why I chose theses colors. They are semiopaque as opposed to transparent and can change colors that they are layered over. Lighten them.

So how do you tell if colors are semi opaque?! Sometimes the tubes will tell you.

After a while you know because they can get you in trouble and make your paintings dark or grayed out.

I have been using a lot of MGraham watercolor paint partly because it’s cheaper and partly because it’s easy to reconstitute it when it dries out because of its honey base. They give away color charts at the paint stores. This one is from Binders in Atlanta. I also have a Daniel Smith color chart somewhere.

Sorry for the poor picture but if you look under cerulean it says SO. That means it’s semiopaque. So is the Cobalt Teal a kind of turquoise very similar to Andrews Turquoise. Every company has their own mixes but the PV plus number and PB plus number is the color used to make it.

If there are two sets of these letters it’s a mixed color like the last one on the right Turquoise. So is the mineral violet.

LF1 means they are highly lightfast. Yes some colors will disappear when they have NEVER been exposed to light like opera, alizarin crimson, anything with the word madder, or even gamboge. Never use them or use ones that say PERMANENT.

So the color charts have a lot of great info on them and not all of it is on the tubes.

Okay back to darning my pile of socks. Three down and five pairs to go. I taught myself how to darn today watching a YouTube video. Don’t you love the internet?!

Oh yes I am a mad knitter at times and especially like to knit and wear hand knit socks. I will be glad to be able to wear the pile of socks again.

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1166 Livia I

The days all about my son Bens Dog Livia. She went over the rainbow bridge Friday. I drew her a lot over the holidays because I could tell she was not doing well. She had gotten very skinny lost her fur.

She’s developed cushings disease recently but the vet said she has a tumor.

One thing about a sketchbook it lets you remember the good times.

And here are some of the good times

She made the family dog ornament line up this last Christmas.

Here they all are. I made them out of sculpy and Fimo.

Ink sketches of Liv dating back four years ago. She was always watching like terriers do. They don’t want to miss a thing.

Livia In healthier days. She liked to cross her paws. Such a lady!!!

A funny dog she used to try to stuff herself into my tiny Jack Russell’s bed often ending up looking like she was sitting on an inner tube.

Livia a couple of weeks ago. RIP sweet puppy. We will miss you.

Margaret xoxoxoxo whose got to paint.

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Day 1165 It’s Saturday

Katie 19x 22″

And I am home so I am with friends painting a life model most Saturday mornings.

This one is done except the background which could use some calming down. Got a little wild but I was experimenting.

I turned her sideways and let it run then I sprayed it and blotted it. I used a two inch Cheap Joes Golden Fleece flat on the background. At first break. Forty minutes. Drawn with 6b lead and painted with quin red and quin gold mix using the two inch Cheap Joes Golden Fleece flat.

At second break. She was mostly done.

More quin red and quin gold Thalo blue and some cerulean a bit of quin burnt sienna using my 16 sable Cheap Joes Legend round.

I softened a lot of edges. Also tried to loose the edge on the back of her head.

The rest of the group!!

Al Beyer’s beautiful large oil.

Dawns interesting oil 2×3′

Coach’s charcoal and pastel.

Bills small oil.

Alex’s lovely pastel. He erases them and reuses the paper. I fuss at him when he does. There’s also one on the back of this.

A nice small Oil by a lady whose name I didn’t catch.

Margaret who really needs a nap now. Xoxoxox I got up tooo early.

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Day 1164 The Fox

Today is the day of the big wordpress makes me one of their favorite websites?! Gosh I wonder exactly where it will be. And exactly what it means. Anyway it’s exciting.

I just love the Fox Theatre. Love getting stopped at the light on Peachtree and Ponce so I can take pictures of it. If you have never been in it GO. RUN! It’s magical with its grandiose brass Moorish influences architecture. My Brain is tired from drawing and painting for hours today.

I also love the Atlanta skyline at night. It reminds me of Christmas trees lit up.


Life did not go well. The reason there are two of them is the ink on the first one bled. No idea why. It’s my pilot desk pen that suppose to have permanent ink in it. It doesn’t. When I wet it with a base wash of quin gold it ran. I mopped it with paper towel. Painted some more and it kept running.

8×10″ For Sale. Also will be making prints and cards of these paintings. Email me if you are interested.

So I traced it off and transferred it with Sarah to another piece of paper. Then I inked it.

The first thing I did with this was to coat it lightly with quin gold. It makes the buildings glow. And it’s very transparent.

I used a lot of cobalt and Daniel Smith Piemonte in the shadows and to stripe the Fox. Piemonte’s a very transparent purple brown. Combined with cobalt it can be luscious.

The Fox is mostly quin gold though I got a little heavy with it so it went brown in places.

I combined indigo, alizarin, and hookers green to make a dark sky and coated it twice to make it opaque.

After I painted the sky black I realized that it should not have been black but the rest of the buildings should have been black and the sky lighter. Hoping to give the sky a glow and a ligher color I used  Andrews turquoise near the rooflines and mineral violet higher up. Since they are both semiopaque colors they did a good job lightening the sky.

You can see where I tested the turquoise and violet on the messed up one.

I used a bit of white gel pen to highlight things. Quin red and coral on the tail lights because they have a glow no other permanent red has.

NUMBER 2 also for sale once I finish the sky and the darn marquee.

This is the runny ink sketch. I think I need to work on the sky a bit more but ya my favorite. When something’s messed up you have a lot of freedom to just play and I did.

The whites are all white gouache because I had NO whites left which is sad for any watercolor I think. The whites make it sparkle. Reserve those whites Kids!! I dabbed it on the grey tail lights, on the stop lights the street lights, all over the Marquee, and the Fox sign. Really made it pop. Did I say LOVE it now.

I think I might actually repaint this in a large format.

No gel pen on this one at all.

Black tape. Discovered that when I took a class from Peggy Habits last spring. Love that stuff. You can buy it at staples or on amazon.

PSSSSS.…somehow when I was painting I managed to make the marquee not quite square…guess thats another fix when I fix the sky.

Anyway welcome to my corner of the world which seems to involve a lot of driving by the Fox which I DO love. I am just a star struck Fox Theatre fan.

Margaret xoxox who would like to welcome all my new followers…12 in the last hour!! :>