Day 1168 Busy Day

My sons dog Wesley for your consideration tonite. Drawn with a hmm Lamy Ef- a Vista.

My son calls him the cow dog because he’s black and white like a Holstein cow made famous in Atlanta by Chic fil A’s advertising campaign in which cows advise you to eat Moh Chicken.

He also has a Harry Potter lightning bolt on his rump. So he may be a warlock too.

Colors used. Quin sienna Indigo and pyrrole red.

Margaret who needs a nap and doesn’t feel good but is refusing to get sick. Only two more socks to darn. Xoxoxooops no three more socks. #pitbull #pittie #blackandwhite #stillmanandbirn #ink #teadyed #instadogs #dogs #pittie #pitbull #terrier #art #atlanta #chien #decatur #ink #sbsadrawingaday #stillmanandbirn #lamysafari #uniball

4 thoughts on “Day 1168 Busy Day

  1. houseoftheredmug says:

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    I’ve trained with a Welsh Terrier whose masters are my son and daughter-in-law but when I visit for a minimum 3 weeks, they ask me to take him on his morning walk which is a minimum hour. After multiple injuries, Wesley helped me learn how to walk/run effectively.

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