Day 1169 sometimes you just have to

Just have to journal and draw your lunch. I was trying to draw the birds at the feeder but they zoomed in and out so fast they were gone before I could put pen to page. I like them to sit on the rails or the back deck and hold still for a few second at least.

If you look you can see the outlines of three not so great bird drawings. This is one of the tea dyed pages I did a week or so ago. That African nectar tea is a great color but it did rough up the surface a little.

Painted with Ted Nuttall transparent colors and Charles Reid’s favorite leaf green Holbein Terre Vert.

Drawn with thenLamy Safari small letters done with Lamy Ef. Noodles Eelskin Black.

The socks I have been darning and a few strays. My feet won’t be cold in this icy snowy weather we are getting in the south east.

Hugs Margaret staying warm in her flannels. Xxoxoxox

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