Day 1167 Done & Using Semiopaque Colors to Change your painting

I have been working on the sky in this one for a couple of days.

And there are two of them. Trying to lighten them with mineral violet and Cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise..

I really didn’t like it with the black black sky so I decided to lighten it because he night sky over a city is NOT black. The buildings are.

The black black is a mix of alizarin hookers green and indigo which makes an almost solid black when you use at least two layers of it- letting it dry between each coat.

While I was add it I decided to lighten the background on this painting with cerulean.

Now you may wonder why I chose theses colors. They are semiopaque as opposed to transparent and can change colors that they are layered over. Lighten them.

So how do you tell if colors are semi opaque?! Sometimes the tubes will tell you.

After a while you know because they can get you in trouble and make your paintings dark or grayed out.

I have been using a lot of MGraham watercolor paint partly because it’s cheaper and partly because it’s easy to reconstitute it when it dries out because of its honey base. They give away color charts at the paint stores. This one is from Binders in Atlanta. I also have a Daniel Smith color chart somewhere.

Sorry for the poor picture but if you look under cerulean it says SO. That means it’s semiopaque. So is the Cobalt Teal a kind of turquoise very similar to Andrews Turquoise. Every company has their own mixes but the PV plus number and PB plus number is the color used to make it.

If there are two sets of these letters it’s a mixed color like the last one on the right Turquoise. So is the mineral violet.

LF1 means they are highly lightfast. Yes some colors will disappear when they have NEVER been exposed to light like opera, alizarin crimson, anything with the word madder, or even gamboge. Never use them or use ones that say PERMANENT.

So the color charts have a lot of great info on them and not all of it is on the tubes.

Okay back to darning my pile of socks. Three down and five pairs to go. I taught myself how to darn today watching a YouTube video. Don’t you love the internet?!

Oh yes I am a mad knitter at times and especially like to knit and wear hand knit socks. I will be glad to be able to wear the pile of socks again.

Margaret xoxoxox

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